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Mario Paint Composer

Mario Paint Composer2.00

Remake of the music maker from Mario Paint

Mario Paint Composer is a remake of the Music Maker from Mario Paint on the SNES.Even if you're not a nostalgic, it's a fun way to make music by using airplanes, cars and characters from Super Mario Bros. You can create music only in MIDI but this...
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  • by Anonymous

    it is a piano app for the computer. i like the YouTube vidieos of this game. i think it is a lot like Piano Disc IQ. Pros: you can make all kinds of songs. you can use midi files. Cons: falling notes. Piano Keyboard

  • by Anonymous

    Does not matter how long it takes, but its Awesome. Awesome, Its Useful for music. It does take alot of time. but that does not matter. the more you play the more you learn. Pros: All The Sounds Can be used for amazing stuff. Its Useful for letting the public see how great you are. Cons: Nothing

  • by Anonymous

    Too many bugs. There is MUCH too many bugs. It's like the game of life! I can't place a single note without 3 notes baing around it, and whenever I place percussion under a piano key, it sounds like nothing is there when FIVE FREAKING NOTES are there.

  • by Anonymous

    Good Music Maker. This is a great way of making music. It's simple and fun. However, there are always so many errors. There is always a pop-up that says "script error. Continue?"something is wrong with this program, i don't know if it's my macbook or the program. Pros: Easy Music Maker Simple Fun Many sound effects Easy to use. Cons: Cannot export to MP3 files Too many script errors GlitchesMore